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Better Ideas. Clear Communications.

Communications Strategy

You're in the right place if you need strong strategy based on audience insights. From that initial insight through to creative development and compelling messaging, I'll help you deliver a persuasive communications strategy, no matter your issue.

Media & Speaker Training

I've trained hundreds of executives and spokespersons to craft a singular compelling message and deliver it with clarity and conviction.


Whether your leaders are heading for national TV or a keynote podium, I'll help them build a story structure and polish their delivery until it glimmers.

Leadership Workshops

My signature workshop "Say It Shorter: Get Your Ideas Heard In A Noisy World" is most popular with STEM leaders, academics and knowledge professionals working to enlist allies and motivate audiences.

Further workshops:

"Communicate Like A Leader"

"Shine On Camera"

"Mind Map Your Way To Success"

"Woo Your Client"

"Navigate Difficult Conversations" 

Thought Leadership & Executive Visibility

Getting ideas heard is never as easy as keeping your head down and doing good work. I help executives and aspiring leaders identify how to best reach their audiences in an authentic manner that serves their network. We start with the foundations of branding and move to a consistent execution plan.

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